Differences in Ubuntu Terminal Command versions

  GB-UK 11:40 30 Jun 2018

Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04

> Do Terminal Commands differ in these two Ubuntu versions?

> If so, is there a comparative reference table?

Thank you.

  lotvic 12:36 30 Jun 2018

Ubuntu forums click here

  LastChip 15:18 01 Jul 2018

No, they don't. You have to understand, Ubuntu is simply a distribution of Linux, and is built on Debian.

To be super accurate, Linux is the kernel (the brain). It's the piece of software that allows everything else to communicate with each other. By itself, it's not much use, as humans need applications to be able to interact with the brain.

So over many years now, very clever and talented developers worldwide have spent time developing applications that will work within Linux.

A distribution, takes many of these applications and packages them together to form a complete system - a distribution (distro). Think of it like a package holiday, but with many more parts.

Mostly, (but not exclusively) the popular distributions are based on one of two underlying structures; Debian and RedHat. Each base distro has a command base structured. So while commands may vary a little between RedHat and Debian based systems, the resulting distros (within that group) remain generally consistent when using commands. For example, Linux Mint (another favourite distro) is built on Ubuntu and Debian, so commands within Mint are pretty much the same as Ubuntu and indeed Debian.

In Ubuntu, it's unusual to have to use commands, as the associated graphical user interfaces (GUI) are so advanced, practically everything can be done via a GUI.

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