alistair brown 15:11 30 Sep 2011

Hihi Can anyone tell me the difference in operation of a Desktop Computer to a Laptop Computer?

Area laptops components smaller in size?

What is the difference in electronics etc?

Usually I see people pressing keys once every 5 seconds with laptops, this has to be solved for the benefit of the the world's computer users.

I hope I have made a difference to people?

Alistair Brown.

  Nontek 15:38 30 Sep 2011

There is no difference, computers are computers are computers!

  proudfoot 15:44 30 Sep 2011

There is no difference in the basic operation of a Laptop and a Desktop. The components are designed to fit the case of the laptop and are not suitable for fitting into a Desktop. The one advantage of a desktop is if a component fails it can easily be replaced by any one who can use a screwdriver. The only advantage as far as I can see is a Laptop is portable. Desk tops are generally better if you want to do intensive gaming because they can have higher spec. video cards fitted. As regards use, I have a mouse when using my laptop, I do not like using the touch pad unless it is unnavoidable, the keyboard is the same though keys can sometimes be smaller.

  spuds 15:57 30 Sep 2011

One of the big differences is that of power usage. With a desktop, you plug it into a compatible mains power supply, and then use. A laptop can run off mains or internal battery, with battery it usually means a lower power and shorter time usage, before a recharge is required.

Don't understand your reference "I hope I have made a difference to people?" Care to enlighten us?.

  onthelimit1 16:30 30 Sep 2011

spuds - his comment is along the lines of other bizarre comments made by some (to me anyway) new members. I'm beginning to wonder if they're all one and the same person (who must be taking something illegal!).

  Woolwell 16:43 30 Sep 2011

"pressing keys once every 5 seconds" used to be called typing but a fast typist should be quicker than that.

  robin_x 16:59 30 Sep 2011

Does Alistair pass the Turing Test?

  woodchip 17:12 30 Sep 2011

One you can mend and upgrade other you cannot do anything, other than pay through nose to get it repaired

  SparkyJack 17:27 30 Sep 2011

Although one can see the essential difference between a desk top or a large gaming tower let us say- with lots of space to swap components around -as opposed to the Notebook/laptop with has all its components integrated into one piece with no opportunity to repair or replace except for say the hard drive. as one moves down the desk top scale I notice that some brands are little more than a laptop in a slightly bigger box or even packed in behind a touch screen It all saeems to be blurring into one.

Who remembers Hi Fi separates? huge boxes of valves and stuff-m a separate Turntable another box for Cassette another for CD. Compare those to today's silver/black cubes with no user serviceable parts inside label affixed on the back

  wee eddie 20:32 30 Sep 2011

Sparky ~ Compare the quality of the Sound Output. If I could afford to replace the McIntosh Amp, that my nephew left out in the rain, I would, like a shot.

  onthelimit1 11:23 01 Oct 2011

Ah, takes me back to my old valve Quad.

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