Difference betweend an 80gb HDD and 80gb 5400rpm

  Daveson 22:55 04 May 2004

Hi there, i am buying a laptop and configuring what acrually comes with the laptop.

I have come to the HDD section and there is an 80GB HDD and then for a few quid more there is an 80GB 5400rmp HDD. Is there much difference at all.

Also will i notice much more performance if i just get 512mb ram (2x256) than if i get 1GB(2x512) of ram ?

And also, is there much need for a floppy drive anymore ?

So many questions, but thanks for looking.

  rickimalone 23:05 04 May 2004

1: The rpm indicates the speed of the drive, the faster 7200rpm is better however the more expensive one my have a 8MB buffer rather than 2MB that improves transfer rates.

2:RAM does improve performance but only when using an application that needs that amount for example a task that requires 512MB RAM will run just as fast on a system with 512MB RAM as a system with 1GB... Where you can get improved RAM performance is buy buying faster RAM such as PC3200 400MHZ RAM....(However you motherboard and cpu must be able to also run at that speed, as you PC is only as fast as its slowest component)

3: I find that a floppy drive is always handy as the majority of the worlds computers have them and people always seem to still give me disks.

  Daveson 23:10 04 May 2004

sound advice, cheers for that.

  daba 23:10 04 May 2004

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive.

This 'HDD' could be 5400 rpm, or 7200 rpm, obviously the 7200 is faster.

5400rpm is the speed of a 'HDD'.

Check the specs of the two you are looking at, and go for the fastest.

You will not get any more performance if you 'just get 512MB RAM'. Quite the opposite, the 1GB ram (twice as much) will give you best performance, but that relates to how many concurrent applications you intend to run. If you can afford it, go for the 1GB, and forget about it.

Not much need for a floppy these days, but handy to have around anyway, the price is not prohibitive and it doesn't 'steal' a usable port on the PC. An alternative for 'carry-around' storage is a USB memory stick.

  DJ-Garry 23:22 04 May 2004

I'm a bit confused as to why the 5400rpm HDD is a few quite dearer than the other. What would the other be to make it CHEAPER???

  daba 23:24 04 May 2004

could also be a 5400 with smaller amount of cache

  rickimalone 23:24 04 May 2004

Yes reading your post again the difference in the HDD will be the buffer size which will be 8MB or 2MB the 8MB will give a noticable improvement in performance with a higher price ..

The RAM size issue, if you can affoard it get the 1GB it is always better to have more than enough than too little RAM but just dont expect it make everything noticably faster unless your are using very resource intensive applications.
Windows XP and basic consumer products run fine with 512MB but if the cost is affoardable then go for the bigger RAM.

I recently bought a new PC and went for floppy drive and am happy I did so as its cheap and it really has come in handy but again think about cost and what your likely to be doing in the future..

  daba 23:24 04 May 2004

or a different make

  daba 23:25 04 May 2004

could also be 5400 but less cache.

last post should have been before this one (whoops)

  daba 23:27 04 May 2004

i'll butt out, not reading my posts properly and getting confused, oh well, it has been a bad day all round, time to call it one

  andrew-216448 23:45 04 May 2004

hi daba, i think the reason why the 80GB with 5400 rpm is slightly higher than the first option is that standard laptop hdd runs at 4200 rpm. you are getting a faster hdd for the bump in price.

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