difference between http://www and just http:// ?

  swapper 22:50 17 Apr 2007

My son and I are building a website, using FP 2003. ie6 and winxp pro.
In it we have installed a hidden hit counter on the front page.
We have found that if we use click here, the counter is hidden and is o.k.

However, if we use just click here, without the www. the counter shows as a red x.

Is there a simple reason why this is so? (please).


  swapper 11:35 18 Apr 2007

oh dear! I suppose I should have written http:double slash click here, and http:double slash name (or something).
sorry about that:-(
any advice pleas?

  swapper 11:41 18 Apr 2007

Blast! how do I write this without getting a "click here"?
http,double slash 3w dot name??

  Pauper 16:56 26 Apr 2007

Put a space in it somewhere ;-)

  swapper 17:51 26 Apr 2007

thanks Pauper,

Any idea's about my original question?

  Pauper 18:52 26 Apr 2007

Unfortunatly no is the answer, when this part of the forum started in June '03 I said it would be a good idea as I wanted to start a web site......so it's only taken me the best part of four years to get back in here.

In escence this means I know nowt (sorry)

(but did know about the space thing :-) )

  swapper 09:04 27 Apr 2007

fourm member, it is on line but we have had a bit of a disaster.

We are using FrontPage 2003, had a minor problem and thought that we would need to reset the extensions on our server.
This gave us even more of a problem, so our sp reset the extensions from their end, our site now looks a complete mess on line.
The Page borders have disappeared and now seem to have doubled up.

This is why, at the moment I would not like anyone to see the state of the site.

One of the things that we were trying to resolve in the first instance was why the site would not open with ht pp// when it worked fine with
ht pp:// www


  swapper 18:30 28 Apr 2007

cantthinkofanickname, thank you for you input but I don't understand it,our domain name is registered? What do you mean by a proper form?


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