stealthdevil 21:20 04 Mar 2003

I was about to buy an AOpen nVIDIA Geforce 4 MX 440 SE graphics card (AGP, 64mb sdram).

However, i already have a GeForce 2 MX400 64mb sdram Inno3d card (AGP).

The reason i want the Geforce 4 is for smoother and faster framerates. Well i see any difference if i purchase the GeForce 4? Or will it only be a very small difference?

Please help!
Stealth Devil

  jediknight007 21:29 04 Mar 2003

Well, it depends on your PC. If you have low specs, then I don't think you will see any improvement at all. However, even if you have a high spec PC, you will find that the GeForce4 MX will perform only slightly better. If you really are looking for smoother and faster framerate, if you are interested in gaming of course, then you should go for at least a GeForce 4 Ti4200. You will then experience a huge improvement in frame rates, but you will only experience this with a high spec PC.

I managed to pick up a GeForce4 Ti4200 for £60 and I increased my 3DMark2001SE score from about 2000 to 7000, which could have been much higher if I didn't have a Duron 1.3Ghz.

  stealthdevil 21:32 04 Mar 2003

Where did u purchase the card for £60?

My pc specs are:
20.4GB HDD

  eccomputers 21:36 04 Mar 2003

I use microsoft flight sim 2002 a lot and got cheesed off with jerky graphics. I purchased a ti4600 and WOW the frame rates and smoothness are just staggering.

  jediknight007 21:42 04 Mar 2003

Well, I got it from ebuyer about a month ago but they were all sold out overnight and I guess they won't be doing it anymore. The cheapest GeForce4 Ti4200 I have seen is the 64MB DDR RAM version for about £80-90 which is the Inno3D make from Ebuyer. It's so much better if you get a card with DDR RAM and not SD RAM since it is much faster. Also, a lot of people say that the GeForce4 MX is basically the same as the GeForce2 MX but just a teeny weeny bit faster.

With your specs, it's unlikely that you will see a huge improvement in getting the GeForce4 MX. Well, you might be able to play some of the latest games but in a few months time, it will start to suffer from slowdown.

  stealthdevil 21:55 04 Mar 2003

Well thanks for the info. I guess i gotta buy a new motherboard, new processor and new graphics card.

Well, i guess its a good thing i turned to these forums before i wasted my money.

Thanks for the help you 2.

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