Difference between Broadband and T mobile usb m

  JEMJAB 18:58 11 Aug 2008

Can someone explain to me the difference between normal broadband v an offer I saw on T mobile. You don't need a telephone you're sent a USB modem.

Need help


  jimmybond 19:06 11 Aug 2008

you've summed it up yourself - you don't need a telephone/landline, therefore you aren't paying out for BT line rental, possibly just so you can use broadband on it.
Another obvious advantage is the fact you can use it nearly anywhere. I say nearly as this is one of the drawbacks - I use T-mobile broadband via my phone as a modem....it works most of the time but I'd describe it as flakey. For example three days last week I had no access at all as the transmiter was down. Was visiting a friend in Manchester at the weekend and there was no 3G/HSDPA signal at all - now central Manchester is hardly the scottish highlands where you could expect poor service.....so you really need to investigate whether it's going to work, and how well it is - before you jump in.

  DieSse 19:51 11 Aug 2008

Broadband is a catch-all description which simply means higher bandwidth - which really just means faster.

Generally broadband speed is accepted to start at 256Kbps - some say higher, it's not consistently defined. But that's all it means - any technology the runs at that speed or faster is broadband.

I have wide area wireless broadband (512Kbps - here in Spain there are no landlines where I am).

So the difference you are looking for is non-existent in one sense - both are broadband. But in technology terms one uses cables and the other one wireless.

The T-Mobile (and my) wireless not to be confused with local short distance wireless.

  JEMJAB 08:38 12 Aug 2008

Thanks for your help everyone.

  3gboosterman 05:47 07 Nov 2008

If you have a usb mobile broadband dongle and you get good signal outside but poor signal inside, then i may be able to help.
I sell 3g signal booster antenna's, low gain and high gain ones and they work on dongles without any antenna connections.
If interested, please email me.

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