Difference Analogue/DVI

  Steven135 02:50 28 Jun 2003

Is the difference between Analogue and DVI very noticeable?


  Gongoozler 06:57 28 Jun 2003

Steven135, I dont think that many of us have first hand experience of DVI, but I just did a quick scan via Google, and the only reference I could find suggested that DVI is capable of higher resolution than analogue, but at a given resolution most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

  cyclingchef 06:58 28 Jun 2003

Steven135. I have an Eizo LCD monitor connected to a DVI output from a Geforce4 Ti 4400. I have also tried this monitor via an analogue connection. I would have to say there is not a great deal of noticeable difference. (well not to these old eyes) I assume it depends on the quality of the LCD panel, trust me they don't all look the same! Most of the latest graphics cards now have a DVI output (as well as analogue) so it comes down to money (when doesn't it?) as DVI equipped LCD panels will cost more than analogue only. Happy shopping

  Kudu 09:05 28 Jun 2003

Discussed more fully on this threadclick here

  Steven135 11:33 28 Jun 2003

Thanks very much all seems that the difference is there but not that noticeable

  Steven135 11:38 28 Jun 2003

PS: Reason I asked is that I have an LG Flatron L1810B and have just got a graphics card with DVI but it doesn't work when connected by the suplied DVI cable. I have updated to the latest drivers.

I just wondered if it was worth the hassle of trying to get the monitor fixed to use DVI.

To be honest the picture I get using the Analogue cable is very good, think I'll live with it, just wanted to know that I wasn't missing out too much.

have you tried changing the cable?

  smick 12:15 28 Jun 2003

At work I use a twin screen setup, both 20" Dell TFT's. One analogue, one digital & you can tell the difference although its very slight. The text on the analogue is slightly blurred when compared directly to the digital one but if the digital one was't you probably wouldn't notice it.

  Djohn 12:17 28 Jun 2003

The signal will be cleaner due to the fact it does not have to be converted, but as Gongoozler says, You will be hard pushed to see the difference, if any.

Most people relying on their own eyesight will not notice any improvement. The difference will be detectable on bench test equipment, but even then, by only a slight amount.

My TFT is analogue and to me the display could not be any better, sharp clear text, deep colour, and best of all, absolutely no reflection from the screen. Regards j.

  smick 12:18 28 Jun 2003

....digital one wasn't there you probably wouldn't notice it.'
Must book those typing lessons!

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