Andsome 09:01 21 Oct 2003

I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. This has long been a hobby horse of mine. If you have a good local shop, it is better than sliced bread. No premium rate telephone help lines, no waiting in for engineers who do not arrive, etc etc etc. I ordered mine to a spec agreed with my local shop on a Thursday, and it was delivered the next Wednesday, and installed for me. He then spent an hour with me explaining XP, and showed me the art of CD burning, which I had never done before. If any problems occur, you can pop in and talk about it. However, problems are far less likely, because the machine has not had to be delivered by a courier service, and possibly thrown about all over the place. If anyone is fortunate enough to live in the South Staffordshire area, I can point them in the direction of the best little computer shop to be found anywhere.

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