Dieing LCD Screen - revive?

  jack 10:49 08 Aug 2010

My daughter complained the her LCD screen is showing signs of 'fading' in the top right hand corner.
So I replaced it with another and brought the ailing one home, left in the box overnight.
This morning I set it up and when it came up appeared OK.
But then it started 'fading' after a few minutes
with the colour fading from the top right leaving the black/white raster lines showing.
My initial thoughts were 'Bin it' but then as is my wont - see if it can be revived in some way - and if that fails - then bin it.

So has any one had experience with this type of situation - tried a DIY repair/taken one apart perhaps
All thoughts/suggestions welcomed.

  birdface 11:19 08 Aug 2010

Looks like a bin case unless it is still under warranty.

  mooly 11:54 08 Aug 2010

Could it be a backlight issue... some screens have two tube's, maybe one is failing or going dark at one end... like duff fluorescent tubes.Doesn't really sound like that from your description though.

If it is the screen and related electronics then it's not DIY repairable.

  jack 13:02 08 Aug 2010

Buteman - date of manufacture 2001 - my original 'Flattie'- No warranty there then.
Mooly- illumination is fine.
Any other thoughts?

  mooly 13:50 08 Aug 2010

It's not worth spending time on given the cost of new monitors... and the cost of parts, even if they were available to repair yours.

I'm speaking as an electronics engineer too...

At 10 year old it doesn't owe you anything really :)

  jack 15:55 08 Aug 2010

I am a 'tinkerer' at heart my motto 'If its broke I cant break it worse'.
So Imagine I am gong to unscrew something - if you have unscrewed a similar object what do you find?
thats all I am asking
Pure curiosity.

Then I'll bin it.

  woodchip 16:28 08 Aug 2010

My thought exactly, But beware if think about opening it up, of high volts enough to kill if you touch charged Capacitor in Line output side

  mooly 08:26 09 Aug 2010

Jack... woodchip is right. The power supply will be a switch mode type with direct connection to the mains... and it can hold a charge even when off.

Many of the components are "always live" with no isolation and need appropriate equipment and knowledge to be worked safely on.

The only possible thing you can do is a careful visual check to see if anything like a capacitor is showing signs of failure... with it OFF and unplugged.

click here

click here

  jack 09:44 09 Aug 2010

re Electrical risk
I did not say so you would not know - it is powered from a 'Brick' 220 in
12v 3ma to screen
but thats the sort of advice well taken.
I am not unfamiliar with 'lectrics'
over the years all my own rewiring and have been building rebuilt and/mucking with small electrics over the last 50 years including of course 'puters'.

But this is getting long winded-
So if any one has taken a TFT screen apart - what did you find?
The rest - dont say it.

  woodchip 09:46 09 Aug 2010

chuck it

  jack 10:19 09 Aug 2010

Last wrod Huh!
but I'll keep the power supply.

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