DiDA ICT - Multimedia (Help needed in what to use)

  Winxx 09:54 21 Feb 2007

Hi, Im currently studying ICT DIDA Unit 2, Multimedia.

I need to design a game, a simple game that meets the requirements: click here

I have made a map in paint (not the best choice i know) and i am now at the stage of making the movie for the start.

But what i would mose like to know is how would i make my map interactive, so that when you click an area it takes you to another screen, where i plan to lay out a question of some sort, about the movie at the start.

Example: click here

If you would like to see my map then i could upload to a given upload site.

I just need to know how i can put writing over certain area's like "farm field" and be able to click the writing and go into another screen where a question appears.

  silverous 11:26 21 Feb 2007

How about powerpoint? Do you have powerpoint?

You can make areas clickable and take you elsewhere in powerpoint presentations.

  vinnyT 12:43 21 Feb 2007

It may be worth looking at gamemaker, which is free, click here.

You are free to do what you like with the games, sell, give away, etc.

  GEEKSTA 12:47 21 Feb 2007

Im on D201 about the 5 fruits a day. Really boring stuff.
I cant wait till I get to D202, sounds like fun!

  Winxx 13:37 21 Feb 2007

Thanks for replies

Yeah this Unit is quite entertaining.

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