Did your Broadband go off?

  Graham ® 09:27 13 Feb 2005

Mine was off all day yesterday :-(

  Eargasm 09:37 13 Feb 2005

Mine was off all day yesterday, after blaming the kids for messing up the settings, i rang tiscali and they said there was a line fault in the north west of england.

  jolorna 09:57 13 Feb 2005

mine kept dropping in the morning then just went off for the rest of the day

  Spark6 10:01 13 Feb 2005

No problems in the South-West.

  harps1h 10:01 13 Feb 2005

i couldn't get on either and i was blaming my isp talktalk. it seems i may have been wrong

  BT 10:11 13 Feb 2005

British Telecom had major problems in the Manchester area on Saturday which affected most areas of the country.

  rossyboy11 10:14 13 Feb 2005

all fine in the west midlands

  jolorna 10:28 13 Feb 2005

doncaster here using bt bb the speed is well down today & the bt 08001690199 bb status No is still reporting faults & non connections

  Cal 10:35 13 Feb 2005

Off for 24 hours!

  spuds 10:35 13 Feb 2005

My Tiscali connection dropped at 9.33am yesterday, and was off all day.Made several attempts throughout the day, and gave up at about 10.30pm. Tiscali service status says there is still a problem in the north of England, and their server link is showing 40% instead of the higher upper limits.

My connection seem normal this morning.

  pharte 10:43 13 Feb 2005

click here

still not fixed properly but most of it is up and running again

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