Did BT FUP me??

  EltonA32 19:34 03 Aug 2008

Hi guys, new here.

A couple of weeks ago my BT line Opt 3 was activated (after faults on the exchange being fixed). During my order I was told that my line would accept 1.5mb, which was fair enough that's all I needed.

Line up and running, and for two or three days the line remained at 1.5mb, then all of a sudden, the line dropped down to 576Kbps, regardless of time of day. I did download a number of large files (game demos mainly), but this was always late at night (after 11pm) or during the day if I was off work, so I didn't abuse the FUP. I called BT so many times you would not believe and they said an engineer woould look at the exchange and I would be called back with a status report. This never happened once out of the three times I called BT about this. So naturally I was suspicious, but I did not think to ask to be put through to the FUP department (if there's such a thing).

So BT tested my line again today and they have said my line will only support 0.5mb and I've used a number of speedtests that have confirmed the same.

I personally am convinced that BT FUP'd me because the line speed never alters from 576 up and 288 up regardless of time of day.

Today I have moved to o2 simply because BT could not be honest with me and I am not paying £24.99 for a 0.5mb line and they even agreed with me.

So guys and girls, in your opinions, do you think I've been FUP'd I just want to know from your experiences...

Thanks all :)

  tullie 20:07 03 Aug 2008

I assume you mean Fair Usage Policy?I wouldent have thought so as youve only had it for a couple of weeks,and i assume that you would have been notified.They wouldent have done this unless you were a very,very,heavy user consistantly over a period of time.

  EltonA32 20:39 03 Aug 2008

Yes Fair Usage. And no I wasn't downloading files consistently.

Thanks for the response though :)

  User-1229748 21:04 03 Aug 2008

virgin do this every dayclick here

  EltonA32 18:55 04 Aug 2008

Barstewards if you ask me - never once did I donwload any large files during peak times :(

I'll have o2 in a couple fo days, see how that goes :)

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