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  AAT 11:54 12 Feb 2003

I hope that someone can help with this problem.

I've partitioned my hard drive as a dual boot so that I can use either Windows 98 or 2000.I have Norton Utilities installed on the W98 partition (but not on the W2K one). After a recent tidy-up using Noron utilities it prompted me to update my recovery discs - I use the floppy/ZIP configuration - but an error message came up "A: is not accesible. Drive is not ready".
The A Drive shows OK in Windows Explorer but when I've tried to access a floppy disc that I know is OK and I get the same message. If I try to get data from a disc for an application that I have running in W98 I get prompted to insert a disc when a known good one is already there.
I know that the drive itself is OK - it will run a system disc when first booted and in W2K it runs OK both lifting files for Applications and in Windows Explorer.
I thought that the Controller and or Diver files must be corrupted so I deleted the Floppy Controller in Device Manager, restarted the computer to reinstall them but the problem persisted. I've tried reinstalling W98 over the current one hoping it might solve it but no luck.
I've looked on the Microsoft site to try to find any dowloadable floppy controller files but I couldn't find anything.
Is there something else that I can do or do I have to reformat the partition and start again?

  nightporter 12:55 12 Feb 2003

Glad you got the words the right way round in your thread title.

  gl69 13:15 12 Feb 2003

I would have thought reinstalling windows would have solved the problem, but as it hasn't it sounds like a hardware problem.

Have you checked the cables?
Have you changed any BIOS settings to disable the floppy driver?

You could try borrowing another floppy drive and connecting that up to see if the problem persists

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