Dialup receives unknown data then disconnects

  asg 15:23 16 Aug 2004

Hi folks, any help with this much appreciated.
Win Me system, [fully updated], Norton security 2004 inc antivirus & firewall (full scan neg), [fully updated], spybot S&D scan neg
Problem : connect to isp (tesco) via dialup without problem. Shortly after connect start to receive about 200k of data (? who from, ? content) at a rate greater than should be possible vial my slow dialup (bad phone line) after receiving line disconnects. Happens each time I connect.
All auto update options (norton, windows) have been turned off.

Any ideas how to stop? Thanks

  Stuartli 16:23 16 Aug 2004

Have you also checked OE's Send/Receive panel and checked that "Hang up when finished" is not enabled and in IE's Tools>InternetOptions>Connections tab>highlight ISP>Settings>Advanced tab checked that "Disconnect if Idle" has not been set for too low a level. It's best disabled anyway.

  alnwrd 18:26 16 Aug 2004

It may be that you are loading a program at start up which goes to its home website to check for updates, then automatically disconnects.

I suggest start,run,msconfig and then select selective startup. Uncheck as many programs as you like, reboot and see if that makes a difference. You do not need to run all the startup programs anyway, as all this does is take up memory and slow down the startup.

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