Dialup Internet error message

  Storik 12:18 24 May 2005

I would appreciate an explanation of the following:-

On attempting to dialup to the internet I received the following error message (this has happened on four or five occasions)

"Your computer and dial up server could not agree the correct PPS protocol!

Should mention, that this morning (my external modem is switched on before the computer or it isn't recognised by WinXP Home)the modem automatically dialed the internet when the computer was switched on.

Can anyone explain what is happening, please?


  Taff36 12:44 24 May 2005

click here Not sure how this helps if at all!

  Storik 13:08 24 May 2005

Have bookmarked that page and will peruse it properly at leisure.

I think, but am not sure, that my Plextor software is the culprit (regarding automatic dialup)and as I have both Yahoo/BT and Outlook Express (?)for emails, I suppose they may clash or something.

Thanks again for the reply - will leave the post open for a litttle while.


  Storik 13:13 24 May 2005

Seeing you took the time to reply to the above, do you know what a Phishing Trojan is?

I ran Spy Sweeper and it apparently found one. However, having looked it up on here, it may well be a fault of the program. But I have no idea what a Phishing Trojan is.


  vinnyT 13:33 24 May 2005

Phishing is usually in the form of an email asking you to divulge personal info, like bank details (they often purport to come from your bank ie natwest et al.).

A trojan is a piece of software which inserts itself onto your pc by devious means, normally a software prog (not all progs, just some, usually from dubious sites) you have dloaded and installed will, secretly, install the trojan. This then performs the task it was prog'ed to do, act as a keylogger, which records every keystroke you make and then sends this info back to its maker, via the web, who can then see any passwords you may have entered (again, most likely your bank details). This can enable them to steal your identity, and/or clean out your bank account.

I assume that a Phishing Trojan combines the two.

But so long as you keep your anti virus/trojan/spyware software updated, and don't visit (or dload sw from) dubious sites, you should be ok.

There is plenty of more detailed info about this, just google it.

Hope this helps.

  Storik 14:51 24 May 2005

especially for the education on the rather dubiously named Phishing Trojan.

I do take every precaution regarding internet safety, but there seems to be an awful lot of undesirable thingies popping up nowadays.

Well, you've both earned your angel wings first class. Thanks again!


  vinnyT 13:00 25 May 2005


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