Dialup gone when homepage altered

  Wendy 09:31 27 Oct 2003

A friend rang me and asked for help. There was a web site she couldn't access with her new computer, running XP, with messages about java etc. I thought she should try microsoft update as the computer may not have SP1 installed. She did and downloaded it etc. However, we then discovered that it kept cutting out, and I told her how to adjust the 'disconnect when..'etc.
She then mentioned that this computer kept opening at the Acer computers website, but she wanted a different page to be home page. So I told her how to alter that too.
She then closed IE, started it again, and no dialup box appeared. She confirmed that she was not already online.
So I told her how to click the box, 'always dial my default connection', but she said the one above it was ticked, and was reluctant to change it. Would this make the difference?
Sorry this is so long, but she was in tears in the end and I was a bit frustrated being on the end of the phone, not able to see what was going on. She is blaming the Microsoft update.
Why the heck would changing the home page affect the dial up? Have I misadvised her?
Sorry about all this lengthy thing, but I am rather stressed about this.

  Wendy 09:56 27 Oct 2003

Yeah, I thought that was it. I had hoped that the 'dial only when network connection not present' would do the same trick, as my friend was reluctant to change this. She wanted to forget all about it for a couple of days, so I think I'll ring her tomorrow, and let her know she can do that. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for your input! Much appreciated.

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