DialUp Connection window with broadband connection

  Colin 08:56 12 May 2005

I am using BT Yahoo Broadband, (software version 3) with a ZOOM USB ADSL modem and XP SP2. This works very well. Yesterday I upgraded the drivers for the modem. After the installation the broadband connection now appears in the “Dial Up & Virtual Private Network Settings” section under Connections of Internet Options and is set as default and is the only item listed. Previously this box was blank and my connection was listed as a LAN connection. The help guide in BT Yahoo Broadband says the connection should be listed in “Dial Up & Virtual Private Network Settings”. The connection works fine, but now, when I connect to BT Yahoo Broadband, Internet Explorer or Firefox, I get a dial up connection box like I used to get on a dial up modem. I have set this box to connect automatically and it disappears after a second or two, but I am sure I shouldn’t get this box. I have searched BT Yahoo’s help guide and the only mention of this says that I must have some old dial up software still listed. This is not the case as I have been on broadband for almost 3 years and have never had a dial up connection on this PC.

I appreciate that it’s a minor irritant, but any help would be appreciated!

  Gongoozler 09:21 12 May 2005

Your description sounds very much like my BB connection had been all the time I've had it (just over a year), so perhaps your previous modem drivers did something different from what is now normal.

  ^wave^ 09:41 12 May 2005

go to internet options and see what is set you may have to set them back to use lan again it sounds like it has set them to use a dial up

  Colin 16:41 12 May 2005

Gongoozler, ^wave^, thanks for the responses. I have spoken to another BT Yahoo Broadband user and his is the same as mine. He thought it should do that and maybe it should, so I'll leave it as it is as it works just as fast as before.

  Stuartli 16:45 12 May 2005

I still get the "old style" dialup box if I open a session with Outlook Express - clicking on Connect obviously reveals that the broadband connection is active and it then verifies username and password.

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