dialup connection taking a long time

  polymath 21:25 24 Jun 2003

I recently tried lots of different ISP settings, trying to solve connection problems (failures in the first place, with varied error messages, & getting disconnected again). Those problems are now solved, by setting the modem to pause when the signal's interrupted, before disconnecting.

I'm left with a small irritation; normal dial-up behaviour as far as 'verifying user name & passport', but then that message is repeated in the box, and it takes about another 2 minutes to get through to wherever (it used to take just a second or 2).

I had tried making a new connection at one point (with the same details), but I'm now back to my old one as default (in both Internet Explorer & Outlook Express).

ISP settings? IE/OE settings? Modem settings? OS settings? (Win 98SE). Ideas much appreciated!

  keverne 22:22 24 Jun 2003

Try this:-

>Programs, >Accessories, >Communications, >DialUp Networking

Right-click the icon for the connection you are having problems with, >Select Server Types and make sure that Log on to Network isn't ticked.

  polymath 21:08 25 Jun 2003

Thanks daconner! It was ticked, so I unticked it (& reset just for luck) Then, as soon as the diallup box said 'verifying...', I was through in a twinkling.

I think it still said 'verifying...' twice, but too quickly to be a problem.

No wonder it was taking so long to find my Windows password, as I don't use one! I probably tried enabling it at some point, forgetting to check 'What's this?'.

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