dialup box will not appear

  sgtdibble 22:13 14 Aug 2003

I am running Win98se and when I click on the Ie icon the dialup box used to appear on top of yahoo
ready to connect it no longer does and I have to
connect via OE anyone know how to get the box back
please >>>

  Jester2K II 22:16 14 Aug 2003

Tools Menu, Internet Options, Connections tab, Check Always Dial My Default Connection is selected.

  sgtdibble 22:22 14 Aug 2003

Jester2k II that is selected thats what is so
puzzling >>>

  bambam005 22:32 14 Aug 2003


use the connection that came with your disk and reload it , after deleting the original one , alternatively get it to run in your startup menu , either of those should do the trick .

  Jester2K II 22:39 14 Aug 2003

Can't make sense of bambam005's suggestions.

Make sure "Work Offline" isn't ticked on the file menu in IE.

  sgtdibble 22:45 14 Aug 2003

Jester2k II no "work offline" is not ticked thanks for the ideas I will leave thread open just
in case any more ideas come and check tomorrow
Thanks to all >>>

  bambam005 20:55 15 Aug 2003

When you sign up to an ISP they usually provide a disk which installs your dial up connection to your dial up networking and desktop ( e.g. blueyonder connection manager ). You can use this to access the internet .

The reason you should delete the original connection ( from your DUN )is because it has more than likely not been taken from a disk , it has probably been made from 'Make new connection' in the DUN . This is why it will not come up automatically when you click IE .

Alternatively , once the shortcut for this connection is on your desktop or in your DUN , you can click on Internet Explorer/Windows Explorer/Netscape Navigator and this will bring up your username and password box , at which point you can click 'connect'( assuming you have saved your username and password in there already - if not - type them ).

  Jester2K II 22:32 16 Aug 2003

When you sign up to an ISP the DUN connection for your PC does NOT come from this disk but is created on your PC (or downloaded from the ISP) by the setup program from the information you give it when signing up.

Why that would mean "This is why it will not come up automatically when you click IE " i can't even begin to think. Doesn't matter HOW the DUN connection gets on your PC it'll still work.

The second part of what you say is true, but as sgtdibble says it doesn't...

  bambam005 00:13 25 Aug 2003

Such a hard loser !

Try again next time if you know what you are talking about !

"Can't make sense of bambam005's suggestions."

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