Dialler, SpyBot, Ad-aware help please?

  AngeTheHippy 04:42 31 Jul 2004

Hi all, On Tuesday, I managed to receive something called mainpean stardialler on my PC. It was in my list of progs in start/all progs. After a few minutes of complete panic, I firstly looked for reference to this dastardly act online - it apparently dials these sex sites at huge cost without you knowing. On one site, it suggested firstly contr/alt/del to check whether it was running, then STOP it. I did this 3 or 4 times,then I did a scan with Norton AV, nothing detected. Then with Spybot, still nothing detected. Then with Ad-aware which found the little b****rd, then I quarentined/killed it off. I'm doing contr/alt/delete throughout the day but nothing is appearing. Does this mean I've TRULY got rid of this thing, or is there another measure I should take? I mostly use FireFox as my browser incidentally. When I go to the BT site, log in to check cost of calls on my account so far this month, surely, I would notice thru that if suddenly there was a lot more money being spent?

I don't have anyone I can ask about this threat. Is it classed as a virus? or spywear? I've never felt this vulnerable (PC-wise) before.

Please help if you can.

Thanks a lot,


  Zak 09:40 31 Jul 2004

Have a look at this thread:

click here

Message posted Fri, 23.07.04 | 22:06 by myself gives a link to Dialer Watcher which is FREE.

  carper 10:18 31 Jul 2004

Try click here. This only allows the numbers you have dialled to go through or at least gives you a warning that the dialer is trying to change. Works fine for me

  sidecar sid 10:34 31 Jul 2004

Manual removal instructions here

click here

  AngeTheHippy 16:47 31 Jul 2004

Hi €dstowe, nice to hear from you, man. Do I NEED another spyware, as I have SpyBot and Ad-Aware?

Dorsai, just looked at the BT site - I WILL ask them to block premium rate numbers. Thanks for that.

Zak, good thread. Just been and disabled my 56k internal modem - I don't need it anyway with BB...

carper, this bit of s/w is good for me - I feel somewhat with it, as although it doesn't eradicate something that might already be on my HDD, it does at least WARN me if there are any dialling activities. Many thanks.

Sidecar Sid, THIS is the page I found yesterday tellin me how to get rid of it manually. I'm not confident to do this. I don't have anyone human, oops, no, what I MEAN is I don't have anyone HERE, in the flesh so to speak (Oh dear, gettin myself deeper in the hole me thinks.... ;D)to help out if all goes wrong, so won't try that one, thanks.

Well, I'm very very grateful to you guys for this. You've NO IDEA just how many people I've told to look into PDA when needing advice - including a Nephew in Malta who got the answer to his problem WITH 1/2 HOUR of his message - it was re. 2 PCs, one BB connection and networking, and he'd been told by the IT guy at his work that what he wanted wasn't possible..... JUST GOES TO SHOW there ARE people on this board who know EXACTLY what they're talking about!

Love you all,


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