dialler software question.

  Legolas 16:11 27 May 2003

I downloaded a patch for a game I installed and when I unzipped it I opened the folder to run the patch I noticed it was actually a dialler software app for a sex site. I have heard that they can connect to your ISP without you knowing and run up astronomical phone bills. I have BB with NTL and was wondering if this dialler can still be used to run up a bill or do you need to access the Internet with a dial-up connection for it to work.

  VoG™ 16:15 27 May 2003

Not sure of the answer but Spybot should get rid of it click here

  VoG™ 16:17 27 May 2003

If you physically disconnect your modem from the phone line and/or disable the dial-up modem in Device Manager it won't be able to dial-out.

  Legolas 16:30 27 May 2003

I have done both VoG™ so I expect I will be ok I am just being a bit paranoid after reading about people getting phonebills for 100,s of pounds.

Although when they complained and traced the company they did manage to get refunds because the dialler software did not warn them they had been on-line for more than an hour which it seems by law a premium rate dialler must do .

  Dave Bowman 16:32 27 May 2003

Just for reference, have a read here. I use it, perhaps I'm paranoid but it kicked in once, I did a scan, nothing, updated the includes for SpyBot and BINGO!

click here

  mikef™ 18:55 27 May 2003

SpywareBlaster stops most of these diallers installing in the first place click here

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