A Dialler that respawns on every restart?

  WrathMaster2 13:59 01 Dec 2004

Ok, I got a Dialler on my PC.
The full path for this Dialler is:
C:\program files\WebSiteViewer

I'm using Spybot S&D to get rid of it every time I restart my PC it comes back.
My anti-virus says it is in c:\windows\system32\_t.exe

Even when I browse the web it will forward me automatically to this website that advertises the Dialler, it does every few minutes.


  WrathMaster2 14:00 01 Dec 2004

I'm on XP SP1

  wags 14:09 01 Dec 2004

Which AV do you have ?

I use Sophos, which provides the following advice, whcih I guess should equally apply to other quality AV software:

click here

  WrathMaster2 14:12 01 Dec 2004

My AV is called Panda Titanium.

  Dan the Confused 14:15 01 Dec 2004

Have you tried deleting it manually in safe mode? (Tap F8 before Windows loads and select.)

  Cal 14:23 01 Dec 2004

Could try Ad-Aware SE personal, I know it got rid of a few things on my system that another anti spyware prog left behind.
click here

  plsndrs3 14:26 01 Dec 2004

The problem here is that there is part of the program in the system folder which automatically reinstalls when run from the system 32 folder.

Initially, I would run Spybot, clean the system. Re-run spybot to confirm all is OK. Turn of system restore & reboot. Scan again just to make sure all is well & turn system restore back on.

Any issues, repost here.



  fred 20:46 01 Dec 2004

Turn off system restore, kill the dialler then turn on system restore again

  Audeal 22:13 01 Dec 2004

check you Startup Folder. Go to Start > All Programs then check the Startup Folder. If it is in there then Delete it.

  Nellie2 23:16 01 Dec 2004

If you are still having problems after trying all the suggestions, then go click here have a look at the tutorial and then post a hijackthis log here.

You might have to do it in more than one post as there is an 800 word limit here. Also I would be grateful if you could double space the log, it make it easier for me to read it.

Please don't try to fix anything yourself as hijackthis does not differentiate between good and bad and a lot of what it lists is useful and even essential to the running of your pc.

  curlylad 10:47 02 Dec 2004

In a previous post of yours , "Dialler BB= big problem on my PC right now" , I gave you 2 links.The links were as follows Aranea Spywizard click here , and Microworld Anti virus Toolkit click here You did not post back on that thread to say whether either worked for you.If either worked then try them for this dialler as well ,you are also lucky to have the wizardry of Nellie2 on hand here so following Nellie2s advice would be good practise , remember to post back here and let us know how you get on !

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