Dialler or browser hijack

  canard 11:34 20 Oct 2004

Chinese website- recipes- 2 popups appeared in Mozilla Firefox. Next time I opened browser Spywareblaster asked if I would accept changes to MFF-odd-very. Spybot produced MainPean [according to Google this is a porn dialler] and quarantined it. Opened MFF and no more enquiries about reg changes from SPWBlaster. So it looks like a browser hijack attempt rather than a dialler installation.Have any PCA readers had similar experience or information about this oddity?

  Muzzsjm 12:30 20 Oct 2004

You find this all the time on the Internet these days. Many legit sites sometimes turn out not to be. As long as your armed with good firwall, anti virus and spywhere protection you should ride most of it out.

Mozilla is another browser like Internet Explorer as far as I know has no adware/spyware or rubbish built in.

If your system is silll running ok then things are fine. Not had that message myself though.

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