Dialing an Outside Line

  GrahamP 20:44 15 Feb 2004

Having trouble connecting a laptop via a PBX.

XP Help says:

"To specify numbers to dial an outside line
Open Phone and Modem Options in Control Panel.
On the Dialing Rules tab, click the location to modify, and then click Edit.
To create a new location, click New.

On the General tab, in Dialing rules, enter the numbers required to reach an outside line for local and long-distance calls."

Done that.

It doesn't say to tick Use Dialling Rules on General tab of the dialup connection properties but I've assumed that.

But I'm, still not getting through. (Works OK from home).

What have I forgotten?

This could just have been a case of advanced confusion since it was the first time I'd used an outside line, but all suggestions welcome.
I won't be able to check it till tomorrow.


  anon1 21:45 15 Feb 2004

It may be just that the pbx cannot recognise a modem. Some systems will only reconise a certain type of phone and as such will not allow a modem. I assume you have put the number required to dial out (eg 9) before the number of the isp in the dialling properties.

  AndyJ 21:52 15 Feb 2004

I take it to get an external line you have to first dial an external line number lets say "7". So you'll have to have this in your number followed by a couple or so commas to give a delay before the outside line number is dialled e.g. 7,,,12345678

The number of commas will depend on how quick your PBX can connect to an outside line

Or have I misread the question?

Incidentally I did notice in Help that it says "If your office has digital, PBX, or multiline phones, you cannot connect a modem directly to the phone system. You need to either install a standard line or install a device that connects your modem to one of these systems. See your computer or telephone supplier for specialized solutions."

  AndyJ 21:55 15 Feb 2004

Sorry I should have been a bit clearer. When you put in the code for dialling out, just put in 7,,, (or less or more commas and whatever the correct dial out number is))

  GrahamP 00:25 16 Feb 2004

I didn't know about multiple commas. But more intriguing is the item about not being able to connect a modem directly to a PBX. I think a call to BT is in order.

  GrahamP 13:23 16 Feb 2004

It seems I need one of these gizmos to sit between the PBX handset and the PBX. Prices on the net were between £85 and £129.
click here click here click here

This doesn't seem credible. Has everyone who ever wanted to plug their laptop into their office PBX bought one of these?

Our telephone provider, Telewest, ought to be able to help but they will only do so on their 50p/minute support line which seems a bit rich when they should be happy to sell us a solution.

Anyone else been through this?

  Taff36 14:10 16 Feb 2004

Yes. We have a Samsung system and it is about 4 years old now. We have to dial an outside line (9)before we can make a call. Before we had broadband and used dial up I had to get our telephone system supplier to enable the socket to accept the automatic 9, inserted into the dialler. The reason is that the internal modem is analogue and the system is a hybrid of digital. The pbx simply doesnt recognise it.

This is a very simple operation from what I remember The moral of the tale is ask your telephone system supplier first. They may be able to tell you how to do this over the phone. I have reason to enable another socket for emergency dial up connection so when they ring me I`ll see If I can get more detail.

  [email protected]@m 14:50 16 Feb 2004

To test, plug a normal phone into the socket and see if you get dial tone. If not, the system is digital and you will need a digital/analogue interface.

  GrahamP 17:41 16 Feb 2004

Yes, both your points make sense. Unfortunately I'm just back from that location so confirmation will have to wait

  [email protected]@m 17:51 16 Feb 2004

While you're at it, check if you can get an external number - even if it is analoguge it may be barred to outside calls such as your ISP.

  [email protected]@m 17:55 16 Feb 2004

I should have said 'whether it is digital or analogue' it may be barred. No point buying an interface if you're barred.

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