Dialers - can they be stopped?

  graham√ 13:33 05 Jun 2003

Recent threads concerning 'dialers' prompts me to ask if they can be stopped.

As I understand it from sites such as click here , they will drop your internet connection and then dial a premium rate number, the aim being to generate revenue from the call.

The 'dialer' is often installed as a program, so it can do its dirty work at random, unknown to the owner of the PC.

Will a firewall stop them? Will Ad-aware or Spybot find them?

  graham√ 14:00 05 Jun 2003

I'm no expert, but it could be only those on dial-up (56k or ISDN), that are vulnerable.

  graham√ 15:06 05 Jun 2003

As far as I can gather, it can instigate itself. That's why it is so insidious, you don't know it's dialling.

  graham√ 11:52 06 Jun 2003

A number of 'dialers' are listed in SpywareBlaster, so if you have one of those it will find and 'deal' with it. One at random gave this information :

'Premium-rate dialer, most likely for adult-rated material. If installed, it could dial to an overseas toll number without you knowing and cause large charges on your phone bill.'

  graham√ 13:59 06 Jun 2003

Ad-aware will scan your PC for files which are in its database (update regularly!). Anything it finds it will ask you if you want the items quarantined so they cannot do any harm. You can delete them later.

SpywareBlaster will protect your PC from the items in its database. Click 'Select All', then 'Protect Against Checked Items!'. Then leave it to its job. Once again, update regularly.

Spybot-Search & Destroy does a similar scan to Ad-aware, but with a different database it may find other threats.

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