mark-222751 12:22 27 Oct 2003

ok here i go again same problem i have tried panda system active. spybot. adaware. cookie blocker. system mechanic. avg vires blocker.
spyblaster. pop up stopers. regedit in my run prog cleaned my reg i think but still it is there i go to ampland a adult sight and the page loads up but just before it finishes this agrement form appears asking me to say yes or no if i say yes it redirects me to a £1.50 a min rated server if i say no it goes away and a small box apears with you must say yes the only way to get rid of the box is to cntrl alt del any help would be appreciated it is somwere but were

  MichelleC 12:31 27 Oct 2003

'Search/Find' dial.exe in safemode and delete.

  woodchip 12:58 27 Oct 2003

If you get and use Netscape7 you can control things like that on an individual basis. In the security feature in preferences

  vaughan007 13:06 27 Oct 2003

This pop up is intended to trick you and it is working. Dont click yes...thats what your meant to do...just keep clicking no..no...no...no...no as many times as is required until it dissapears. This is a tricky and annoying piece of html code and I think you will find that after about 4 or 5 "no" clicks it will dissapear...until you visit the site again.

  MichelleC 14:17 27 Oct 2003

..but the file will still be in system32.

  Jack D 14:44 27 Oct 2003

You are missing the point here, YOU are going to ampland NOT the "dialer" (in fact I don't believe that you HAVE a dialer). The ampland site is trying to get you to download a premium rate dialler. Easiest way out - don't visit ampland.

  vaughan007 14:48 27 Oct 2003

What file will be in system32?

Unless he downloads a piece of software there is no file of any importance. I have just been to this website and it is a standard peice of pop-up code.

Whatever you do this 'dialogue' box will appear when you go to the site in question.

Go to the site yourself and you will see what I mean.

  vaughan007 14:57 27 Oct 2003

Jack is making the same point as me...trust us...we are right.

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