Dial-up using

  WebGuy 22:28 17 Dec 2006

yo, ive ordered mysef a broadband package which came with this "phone calls" package, talk unlimited, monthly payment, i was told that my bb will be activated in 10 days, so would the normal dial-up internet register as a "call"?? and i shount be charged exras for that, right? thanx

  woodchip 22:33 17 Dec 2006

Dial-Up only works with Analog Modem through the BB filter just like a phone. phone package is for the phone. don't think your Dial-Up modem will work with it other than as a Fax Machine if the Software as fax in it

  Technotiger 22:36 17 Dec 2006

Hi, I am with BT Broadband, for which I pay a monthly amount, my normal phone calls are on top of the Broadband charge. Connecting to the internet via your new broadband does not count as a Phone-call, so does not add more to your phone bill.


  WebGuy 22:39 17 Dec 2006

ok, so if it works like a phone, my dial-up, 56k internet should register as a "call", do u get it, like I've pay one price, "TALK" all month, unlimited, does does mean i can use my internet 24/7 and not being charged an extra single penny?

  WebGuy 22:42 17 Dec 2006


  woodchip 22:46 17 Dec 2006

You cannot use your Dial-Up modem unless you have a ISP that lets you use it. i.e they would supply a User Name and Password plus Phone number

  woodchip 22:47 17 Dec 2006

If you are with BT on a Dial-Up Package you may be able to continue using it till switch over to BB

  WebGuy 22:52 17 Dec 2006

well u see, i dont use the eircom dial up, the company who owns my line, i use a "free" dial up of a different, independant company, but pay for the one eircom monthly talk package, well..

  woodchip 22:58 17 Dec 2006

Try it

  WebGuy 23:01 17 Dec 2006

yes, im on it right now, sweating out about the big bills, just tell me, does the dial up operation count as a "phone call"??

  woodchip 23:05 17 Dec 2006

No Idea. Are you in Ireland? In England the Free calls start with 01 or 02 and have to be disconnected before one hour then you can reconnect for the same length of time again.

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