dial tone dilemma

  elgar 12:57 27 Aug 2003

I have run telepone extension cables to my loft to connect my computers - I get a dial tone on my telephone and can ring out and connect to the internet on dial up but my broadand connection now tells me there's no dial tone. I am using BTOpenworld which is currently suffering problems due to MS Blast virus but can anyone tell me is this BT or is it me?

  sil_ver 13:11 27 Aug 2003

Sounds to me as if your configuration is wrong. Surely you don't get a dial tone on broadband?

  elgar 00:31 28 Aug 2003

Thats what I thought never seen it before - what can I do?

  Forum Editor 00:48 28 Aug 2003

sounds a warning bell.

ADSL is extremely fussy about line quality - far more so than the analogue signal, and if you've accidentally put a cable clip pin through the cable insulation and nicked a conductor that would do it.

Check all your connections very thoroughly, and make sure that the microfilter in the loft socket is fitting properly. Presumably you have two green lights on the modem?

  sil_ver 00:49 28 Aug 2003

Initially check that the cable is connected at both ends (states the obvious ;-)) then go thru' your internet configuration to make sure you are using the correct ISP connection. If necessary un/reinstall your modem and let it configure itself.

  sil_ver 00:50 28 Aug 2003

Just one more thing. Use your dialup and check the BT website for BB problems

  sil_ver 00:52 28 Aug 2003

Good point!

  whybe 04:12 28 Aug 2003

At 04:10 (Yes I know can't sleep) BT Dial Up is at Amber and Broadband at red, looks like they are still having problems.

  elgar 13:10 28 Aug 2003

Thanks everybody for your input. USB lights OK ADSL light green flashing - does this mean rip out my handiwork or wait for BT to sort themselves out. Incidentally if it is BT should I ask for a refund for loss of service - ha ha ha ha ha!

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