Dial up scam.

  uskfisherman 11:39 06 May 2004

Are there any programs that will prevent dial up nos being installed on your PC please?

  johnnyrocker 11:45 06 May 2004

possibly spy bot/adaware from this site under downloads or else ask bt to bar premium rate numbers as extra safeguard.


  justme 12:36 06 May 2004

Try going to click here and downloading the dialer program. It will not stop you getting dialers on your pc but it will alert you whenever they try to dial out and stop the dialing until you either allow it or deny it access.

The site is in German but when installing the program you can select English.

Once installed, restart your computer and when you go onto the net it will ask for details of your isp. Choose to only allow this number to be dialed and you are covered. No more unpleasant surprises in your telephone bill because some dialer has secretly switched you to a premium rate number.

  TomJerry 12:48 06 May 2004

the best way is not to access any dodgy web site

  uskfisherman 19:03 06 May 2004

Thanks all for your response. I have contacted BT and installed the software sugested by just me. Regards to all who responed.

  Graham ® 19:53 06 May 2004

As mentioned previously, many of these dialers are International numbers, so you need to bar those too.

  citadel 21:58 06 May 2004

If you are with bt you can have a look at your phone bill online. It shows cost of calls since your last bill so you can check nothing has slipped through the net.

  Zak 22:08 06 May 2004

Just come across this free download:

click here

I haven't tried it yet so cannot comment. Looks OK but as with everything monitor well.

Maybe someone out there has tried it?

  woodkitten 02:28 07 May 2004

I have read posts on here regarding the dial up premium no, it is a great concern to me and i am constantly checking my on line telco account, as to getting call barring telco tell me that this service is not yet available mmmmm pity i did not know this when i agreed to change over as i did have it in place with BT. I am still quite new to all this so can someone help with the problem of stopping them getting to my machine i have zonealarm set to the highest and still it gets in. I have been ok so far but am very worried that they will get through, as a mate of mine has had it happen to her only £18 quid was on her bill but she did not access the PORN SITE that was dialed up. Watchdog did a feature on this problem some weeks back and even an I.T. COMPANY HAD BEEN HIT WITH IT some viewers had over £1800 of calls to these numbers of which they knew nothing about till the bill arrived.

  Graham ® 09:45 07 May 2004

Your Telco is obliged to provide call barring under Oftels directives click here, paragraph 4.21. If they refuse (get confirmation in writing), you would have a good case for not paying for 'dialer' calls.

  carper 10:40 07 May 2004

Tried to dowload itbut it would not save to disc for scan.

I'll try again later

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