Dial up problems

  Jordan-223540 13:23 11 Sep 2003

I've bought a new computer but cant seem to get a dial tone, i've checked the modem and thats working fine, the phone line is working fine as i am using the internet to run another computer can anyone please help me as im completely stuck.

  dth 14:31 11 Sep 2003

is the modem socket plugged into the right bit of the p/c? There are usually two sockets on the motherboard next to each other - one for a modem and the other for phoning

  esbe 18:31 11 Sep 2003

Hi, try Device Manager- R click my computer>Properties>Device Manager>Modem> + sign and select your modem> Properties > Modem Tab.There should be a sliding volume control there.cheers, hope this helps.

  HighTower 18:55 11 Sep 2003

Are you using a telephone extension? If so try it without one if you can as you may have the wrong kind.

Also, remember that each item you attach to a telephone line has a REN number of 1. You can have a maximum of I think four items (therefore a REN rating of 4) on one phone line, so if you have a main telephone, on in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and one for Sky TV then you could be overloading your line.

If this isn't the case you could try a cable that you know definitely works (a friends maybe) and see if you get anywhere.

  Jordan-223540 15:14 15 Sep 2003

Cheers i've tryed all these things and it still doesn't seem to work. The thing about changing the modem volume worked as in it started to dial up and then cut out and wouldn't do it again. If anyone else has any help then please let me know

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