Dial Up Problem and broadband question

  rosied 19:26 06 Aug 2007

Hey there I was wondering if anyone could help me...
I'm still use dial up (back in dark ages I know) and I'm having problems with it, not connecting, modem not finding dial tone, disconnecting and generally being soooo slow when connected.
Other time's though it can work 100% - like now!

It's not the phone line as I use it on two different phonelines and having same problems.
It's not ISP - I have two - same problems with both.
It's not cable - I got a new one.
It's not a virus as far I can see, I've run all the scans.

Is it probably the modem?

My question on broadband...it's really about time I made the switch, if I have a problem with the modem and change to broadband am I right in assuming I'll be getting a modem to suit broadband so problems with the old one won't matter?
Also, I will be moving in a few months - is it easy enough to sign up to 12 month contract with a broadband provider and continue your contract even when you move?

thanks in advance everyone

  citadel 19:32 06 Aug 2007

I changed from dial up to bradband when it changed so the cost was about the same. I am with bt and have had no problems. I think they allow you to move but read the small print first.

  Technotiger 19:37 06 Aug 2007

If you sign up to BT Total Broadband you will be provided with a free ADSL Home Hub and all the necessary cables and filters. I can thoroughly recommend BT. I have been with BT Broadband since 2001, no problems at all.

Your old modem will become obsolete, and you can either leave it in your pc or remove it, your choice.

  Technotiger 19:39 06 Aug 2007

PS - check that where you are moving to has BT Broadband capability. If you will be 'in the middle of nowhere' you probably would not be able to get BT Broadband.

  David4637 20:07 06 Aug 2007

Have you tried the phone line with another PC, this is the only varaible left as you have eliminated the other items. It could be modem or a dodgey item in your PC. I use dial up and its very good as long as you don't want to down load large files which is rare in my case. David

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