Dial-Up Problem!

  Proxy Worm 17:13 12 Nov 2003

My dial-up didnt work yesterday sayin error 618! Then when i phone the people at PC preformance they somehow fixed it..... then today it worked in the morning bu when i tried to connect now its spent a long time on Veryfying password and username... when yesterday this happend aswell then the lione went dead? What can i do to make the problem go away as i need the internet! Running XP Home and ISP Virgin.

Regards Bally

  Mike ® 18:53 12 Nov 2003

I have had major problems with virgin dialup, user name nor recognised or certain websites not loading and to cap it all unable to connect to pop3 sever most of the time.....

Do what I did find another isp.

Oh yes while I'm moaning they don't reply to support request emails, which they acknowledge receipt of. Still waiting one week later.

  A_World_Maker 19:02 12 Nov 2003

Did the support ppls give you a different telephone number??? its usually a tempoary fix for over subscribed areas.... AOL originally started in our area with 5 numbers, over time reducing it to 3 numbers... AOL blammed BT... BT didnt like that and spilled the beans, AOL had reduced its capacity to keep costs down.

  woodchip 19:12 12 Nov 2003

I do not know if XP as the same things in the same place. So hear goes, Double click on My Computer Double Click on Dial-Up networking, Right click on you service provider = ISP and click properties, Click on Server Types, You should have only be

Enable Software Compression



with a tick in the box, if there are any more tick's remove them

  Proxy Worm 19:22 12 Nov 2003

I am using XP but cannot find that option!

Mike ®

What other ISP are there?

  woodchip 19:26 12 Nov 2003

It sound like you are trying to log on to a network. It needs disabling

  Proxy Worm 19:45 12 Nov 2003

How do i disable it? I dont have a network!

  Rtus 20:05 12 Nov 2003

You will probably find its due to congestion of ISP or routers ..Im having the same problem over & over ..& I believe Not a lot can be done except the ISP's instaling more ports & putting costs up again ..If you can get on line Try to get a Pay as you go number from your ISP that way in time of hassle you can use that to log on and check the status pages..At least it also tells you theres no problems with your unit..Start your browser & click settings instead of dial & select properties of your usual Isp then check server types tab for the settings Woodchip mentioned..

  Proxy Worm 20:22 12 Nov 2003

Ok any other thoughts?

  woodchip 21:38 12 Nov 2003

If you are only on Dial-Up check this out go to Control Panel Double click Networking you should only have these in the box

Microsoft Family Logon

Dial-Up Adapter


there should not be anything else in there for Dial-Up Networking

  Proxy Worm 07:23 13 Nov 2003

In dial-up i have only one thing- my vuirgin connection?

what are other good packages and how can i cancel virgin?

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