Dial up password keeps changing ?

  Giantsquid 21:07 31 Jul 2003

My Brother cannot get online as the dial up password seems to keep changing, every time he tries to connect his password is not accepted, and appears to have far more digits that it should have ? instead of 6 digits it keeps coming back with say 12 digits.....he is now in a bad mood and says computers make him ill,


  powerless 21:12 31 Jul 2003

Is he using Windows XP?

If he is the added "digits" are a security thing.

The actual password will not change.

  Giantsquid 21:15 31 Jul 2003

Windows 2000 professional.

  wee eddie 22:18 31 Jul 2003

If he's like me he uses different passwords for different applications. On occasion I have been known to try the wrong one. The likelihood of this happening is higher than the program changing it's access password.

Ignore the characters that cover your password, they are designed to confuse rubber neckers.

  mammak 22:21 31 Jul 2003

Giantsquid what Powerless is saying' is it is a security thing, just clear out the digit,s in the dialog box and retype the password that he uses, windows doe,s this to protect your password
regard,s Mammak

  Giantsquid 22:41 31 Jul 2003

Thanks, eddie and mammak, he is not too deep my brother and it's bothering him, I will try to help him as regards this tomorrow,

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