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  His Nibs 15:10 14 Jan 2003
  His Nibs 15:10 14 Jan 2003


I wonder if you can help me with a "Ghost" Dial-up Networking connection that has appeared in that directory on my PC? There is one I created at another time, called "My Connection", then there is my "Virgin.net" connection, but between the two there is one that I most definitely did not create, entitled: "PRPI" (or PRP1). Do you know what this is, and can I delete it?

2. On the connection question - at present I am using a USB external 56000bps data/fax/voice modem. I also own (but do not have installed, because of its previous tempramentality)a Connexant 56k Internal V90 etc modem. What I want to know is - is there an alternative modem which I could use, which will work with both Windows ME and Linux MAndrake 7 (and/or 8)?

3. Which brings me to my final query - I have a 60GB Western Digital Hard Drive, which has been partitioned into four (C, D, E, F) by the original WD floppy installation program. Can I clear one of these partitions, and safely install and use either Linux Mandrake 7 (0r 8) without damaging Windows ME?

Sorry about the volume of this email, but these are "need to knows"!

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  Lú-tzé 16:01 14 Jan 2003

1 - possibly installed by some dialler software that found its way onto your system. I am 99% certain that you can delete it - copy it to a floppy or something if you are unsure.

Check its properties to see where it is dialling.

2 - no idea I am sorry to say.

3 - yes, you should be able to format one of the partions (preferably using Partition magic or the like and format it into linus file system.
Be sure that you backup though before any formatting / partition movment etc.

  Lú-tzé 16:07 14 Jan 2003

Re. question 2:

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I'd have to say that, after trying several Linux distributions, I've become a big fan of Mandrake 8.2. One problem: I'm having a devil of a time finding a 100% hardware-based modem that doesn't rely on Windows drivers!

In all other respects, I can see myself migrating from Windows to Mandrake in a few months. However, a working dial-up connection is key. A lot of the Linux hardware sites suggest makes-and-models that are nearly impossible to find.

What's been great is that the three-CD set cost me less that $20 on internet.com. Photoshop alone (ably replaced by the included GIMP version) would have cost me several times that by itself!


  Lú-tzé 16:09 14 Jan 2003

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