Dial up modem slowdown

  [DELETED] 16:36 30 Jan 2006

I purchased a new btm of range Dell Celeron machine for a client last week but omitted a modem card. Bought a seperate modem card and installed it and all was well except that whenever the client connected her fax/answering machine to the BT line, it made a continuous ringing noise if the modem was connected as well. I took the modem card out and with the RJ11 cable still in it, it still rang the answering machine bell. Obviously a faulty modem card-I thought. Put another, more basic card in today and although it solves the problem, there is a huge wait (about 1 minute) from the welcome screen displaying until the desktop task bar appears and the machine is useable (about 2 1/4 minutes from power up). This is XP home. Without the card it starts up in just over a minute, as it did with the 'faulty'. Card is using the PCI bus (and is the only card in a PCI slot). Any thoughts?

  chub_tor 16:51 30 Jan 2006

Found this comment on this site click here might help.

Correcting System Hang at Startup
If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can't access the Start button or the Taskbar, it may be due to one specific service (Background Intelligent Transfer) running in the background. Microsoft put out a patch for this but it didn't work for me. Here's what you do:
Click on Start/Run, type 'msconfig', then click 'OK'.
Go to the 'Services' tab, find the 'Background Intelligent Transfer' service.
Disable it, apply the changes & reboot.

  Graham ® 16:59 30 Jan 2006

Continuous ringing is caused by a reversal in the wiring of connectors 2 and 5 between the master and extension socket or between extensions.

Ckeck the wiring click here

  chub_tor 17:07 30 Jan 2006

That's a great link. Bookmarked for future ref.

  [DELETED] 11:25 01 Feb 2006

Thank you for that chub_tor. It appears to have fixed it - but does any one know what this Background Intelligent Transfer does? and are there any consequences of not running it?

  chub_tor 14:38 01 Feb 2006

Having trawled through the Google results on BITS it seems to be connected with and used by Windows XP for the automatic downloading of XP Updates. So it is possible that if you disable BITS then automatic updates might not work.
This comment from Black Viper might help...

Background Intelligent Transfer Service

This service is used to transfer asynchronous data via http1.1 servers. According to Microsoft's site, Windows Update uses this "feature." It "continues" a download if you log off or shutdown the system (that is, when you log back in). The problem with that is, I do not like having this "feature" running all of the time. Even though I have found no side effects as to this being disabled, you may require this service for some MSN Explorer, Windows Messenger, Windows Media Player or future .NET functions.

Take note: Manual updates via Windows Update Version 5 web site requires Cryptographic Services, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, and Event Log to be running. Place all three, plus Automatic Updates, in automatic if you do not wish to update manually. In addition, I recommend that you change the default time of 3AM, for the automatic checking of updates, to a time when the system is "normally" on.

Default XP Home: Manual
Default XP Pro: Manual
Safe Setting: Manual

Service name (registry): BITS


What services Background Intelligent Transfer Service needs to function properly:

* Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

What other service require Background Intelligent Transfer Service to function properly:

* None

  [DELETED] 14:57 01 Feb 2006

chub_tor- thanks for all your hard work on this. I actually feel reassured by this because my client is using dial up, and windows trying to update when connected to a dial up connection for a short time is bad news. When she goes over to braodband, which hopefully will be soon, I can re enable BITS and remove teh offending modem card which started this prob in the first place. Thanks again

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