Dial-Up keeps disconnecting.

  Daibus 18:49 03 Sep 2004

Suddenly my Dial-Up connection has a tendency to disconnect.

I have checked the idle time via my ISP in" Connect To" and it is set to 24 hrs. Is there anything else on my computer that I can check before having a go at my ISP, which because I am in Spain, could be a rather long drawn out process.

Cheers for your help

  bretsky 21:33 03 Sep 2004

Outlook express connection settings perhaps.

bretsky ;0)

  Daibus 08:41 04 Sep 2004


Cheers for your help but the disconnection occurs even whem I'm just surfing the net, and the settings in OE are,I think set correctly e.g not to disconnect after sending or receiving.

Any more thoughts?

  bretsky 13:15 04 Sep 2004

Can you pinpoint when this started to happen, have you made any major changes to your pc and added/subtracted any software,eg AV/Firewall etc.

I know this is stating the obvious, but check all cabling from wall to pc or source to pc like loose plugs in sockets or half hanging out.

Run these anti-spyware programs like click here and click here they are free.

Clean out old temp and unwanted files with click here again this is free.

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 13:52 04 Sep 2004

Call Waiting can also cause this problem or other devices attached to your phone system, such as an answering machine, which may be faulty. The additional line noise created can cause the modem to disconnect.

You could check if you have the latest modem driver (click here or click here).

Using the Extra Settings box may also help stabilise the connection. The commands can be found here:

click here

  Stuartli 13:56 04 Sep 2004

Or click here

The only one I use is W2 to prevent the port rather than the modem speed being provided in the dialup box.

  Daibus 17:36 04 Sep 2004

Thank you very much guys.
Will do what you advise and shall let you know if the fault has been cured.


  Stuartli 09:09 05 Sep 2004

Outlook Express uses Internet Explorer connection settings - the two are bsically interlinked apart from the Hang Up When Finished facility in OE.

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