Dial-up issue HELP needed!!!!

  skell 00:11 29 Jan 2005

Hi, i have a friend who has a problem with his dial conection, he posted the following on another forum but he has had no luck so far.

I was not sure where to post this:
I have windows XP w/ SP2. I have dial up. I get knocked off line every few minutes. I tried tech support from my isp, (Juno), and they had a million hoops for me to jump through. Nothing helped. So I got one of those free AOL discs and tried that –same thing. I checked for viruses-(viri??) all clear there. Downloaded new driver for the modem-still no good. I know someone, somewhere must be able to solve this dilemma. My kids can’t do homework when we keep getting disconnected like this, and you don’t want to know about online banking! PLEASE.

  skell 00:15 29 Jan 2005

reply from his ISP....

Is the house phone and computer on the same dial-up?
Yes, but I disable call waiting before going on line.
And I heard back from Juno:
Please do let us know if you have disabled the spyware programs running on your computer. Please note that the program like 'P2P Networking.exe' is an advertising program. This program is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately. These program can cause conflicts with the Internet connection.

I don't know how to do this, can anyone tell me? and..
Please disable the WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface installed on the computer. Also, disable the Firewall program in the computer.
I have no idea what they are telling here..

I also suggest you to uncheck the first access number, and then verify if your problem is resolved. You can repeat this step with and every access number, until your problem is resolved. Through this way you will be able to find out good access numbers

  SANTOS7 00:18 29 Jan 2005

Heres a couple of things to try they may help,good luck.........

You may be getting disconnected because your Internet connection idle time had reached the limit. Your computer has a time-out setting. To check your "idle timeout" setting:

If using Windows Dial Up Networking:
Double click on "My Computer"
Double Click "Dial-up Networking"
Right Click over your Internet connection
Single click properties
Click the "Configure" button
Click the Connection Tab
You should now see a tick box with "Disconnect a call if idle for XX minutes"
Untick this box if it is ticked.

You may be getting disconnected because you have Outlook Express set to disconnect after you have checked your e-mail (pressing the send and receive button). You can check to see if this is set by doing the following:

Open Outlook Express,
Click tools at the top,
Click options from the drop down menu,
Click the connection tab
From here make sure there is NO tick in "hang up after sending and receiving".
Click OK to save the changes.

If you didn't see the connection tab, then click the dialup tab,
From here, make sure there is no tick in "Hang up when finished sending and receiving or downloading"
Click Ok to save the changes

  Sonic21 00:32 29 Jan 2005

The outlook express problem is common and might be the problem however it might pay to also try a mates modem in your computer to aliminate a problem with the modem its self if its still doing it and you have checked the cable it could be a problem with the phone line contact BT there useless.

Failing all of these things a reformat although drastic will sort out any problems with the software although im sure others will advise you not to do this.

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