Dial Up ISP Recommendations

  fitshase 14:36 31 Oct 2003

I am moving "down south" for a while and I will be forced to downgrade from Blueyonder Cable Broadband to dial-up (cost cutting exercise).

My new place might be within the NTL area (but not definite) and is not within Telewest.

I need to know any good dial up services out there and their cost. Does anyone know of any sites where I can look, or does anyone have any suggestions?

Cheers in advance.


  rawprawn 14:38 31 Oct 2003

Freeserve Anytime click here

  Proxy Worm 14:44 31 Oct 2003

Virgin net click here

  spuds 19:54 31 Oct 2003

Tiscali click here

  anchor 20:13 31 Oct 2003

Cost: 1 pence/minute anytime of day, or 14 pounds/month for anytime.

click here

I used them for quite a time and found them OK.

  Proxy Worm 14:11 01 Nov 2003

Virgin Pay a you go 1p/minute and ?13.49 for unlimited!

  Djohn 14:17 01 Nov 2003

click here Freeuk is an excellent ISP, no charges except for local rate call. First time connection 99% of the time and a fast connection. My Son uses them for his Laptop so that he an dial in from anywhere there is a phone-line and he just pays the cost to the bill-payer. j.

  toxin 16:00 01 Nov 2003

Tesco Anytime now ?12.49 per month,

I also believe Evesham are even cheaper but I don't know if it's limited to their customers.


  claretta 21:04 01 Nov 2003

In my experience, Tesco.net Anytime is great unless you want to use it at evenings and weekends.

During weekday daytimes, there's no problem getting connected and speeds are reasonable. At the weekend and on weekday evenings, it's another story entirely, as obviously during this time demand is heavier. The service is frequently not accepting logins, and you can try tens of times before avoiding the dreaded "line busy" error.

Worse, the support staff don't seem to have very much technical knowledge. When I recently complained about the evening / weekend unavailability, it took several attempts before they admitted the problem was at their end. Even then, they tried to imply it was BT's fault!

So, I'd recommend tesco.net wholeheartedly if a) you want to use it mainly during weekday daytimes, and b) you won't need much technical support. Otherwise, avoid like the plague.

  rupie 23:07 01 Nov 2003

I use an ISP called Netscalibur. They are almost unknown in the public arena. They supply mainly business customers. as a result it is 100% reliable, connection speed is always fast, e mails are scanned for virus and customer support is excellent. in the evening and at weekends it is not slow due to home people using it but faster because no business customers are on line. It is not the cheapest at ?13pm and local call but is worth every penny. You can access it anywhere in the world from any PC. Just goto click here

  Stuartli 08:55 02 Nov 2003

A friend of mine's daughter switched him from Tiscali 50 to Pay As You Go on beeb.net without a by your leave (why she didn't just use the Tiscali version is beyond me, but that's women for you)..:-)

She was just on a fleeting visit and he experienced problems immediately, being unable to connect to beeb.net.

After checking as much of the configuration as possible I eventually had to contact beeb.net's e-mail help division from my own account.

To my surprise and delight, the response in all cases was extremely prompt, courteous and very helpful.

Well done, beeb.net!

Within 24 hours the username, password and dialup number had had minor corrections done, the configuration updated as required and my (elderly) friend was able to go surfing again.

But he lost his e-mail address of two or three years' standing and been put through a lot of unnecessary hassle, all because the members of the opposite sex can't mind their own business...:-)

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