dial up doesn't

  EWJ 21:55 10 May 2005

Any help welcome. Trying to cure a relatives tiscali dial up connection. He dials but gets no modem screech. Been through all his dial up settings/numbers etc and am pretty sure they are ok. Modem diagnostic check proves ok as all the gobeldegook figures appear. Connected a phone to extension cable and this works fine. Tried another ISP setup but no joy again.
Lost for ideas - can anyone suggest anything else to check?.

  Graham ® 22:02 10 May 2005

Can the modem be heard dialling?

  woodchip 22:04 10 May 2005

If it says no Dial Tone, check that call minder is not being used on the phone line as it will need to be disabled when they use the net. You may have to ring BT as to how to do this

  Jak_1 22:06 10 May 2005

Sounds like a knackered modem matey. How old is the modem? A mate of mine had the very same problem, diagnostics were fine bot would not connect. For £6 he got a new on, installed it and bingo, conected first attempt.

  EWJ 22:17 10 May 2005

No sounds from modem at all.
Call minder not being used.
Modem diagnostics show all is working fine.
Help still needed. Keep suggesting !!!!

  Graham ® 22:30 10 May 2005

Has the modem/connection been working previously? If so, the modem has failed.

  EWJ 22:38 10 May 2005

The modem was working prior to Win ME being upgraded to XP.
Reckon you might be on right track though.

  woodchip 22:51 10 May 2005

Then check it's using the correct Com port

  Zion_Lion 23:28 10 May 2005

If the modem actually connects but does not make the
data noise, goto the modem properties and click the advanced tab, Check that in the extra settings box there is not a sring like: atm0 ,if there is then delete it as this stops the modem from making it's noise.
Regards ZL

  woodchip 23:32 10 May 2005

Not all modems make a noise. Give it time to connect. Do you get a Message like no Dial Tone?

  Belatucadrus 00:12 11 May 2005

Have you installed the correct drivers ? I've had a Creatrix modem that refused to work with the XP allocated drivers, showed up OK and tested fine, just didn't work until I loaded the manufacturers drivers. click here

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