Dial-up Connection Problem

  toogie 11:41 30 May 2011

Recently bought second hand Acer Aspire PC with Vista OS for my 90 year old father whose old PC had finally expired! Before trying to set him up for the Internet I connected to my Broadband ISP with no problems. However, when I try to set him up on his Dial-up connection I get the error message that "connection not available as problem with modem or network connector" ? He has no external modem and did not have one with his previous PC. I therefore assumed that a modem would already be within the newer PC ready for connection. One more point. I did not realise until I left him yesterday that he has an extension telephone plugged in. Although this has always been the case when he was accessing the internet on his old PC could it be a problem when trying to set up the Dial-up connection ? Grateful for any advice as he is keen to get back to using the internet. Thanks

  Nontek 12:17 30 May 2011

You say he has no external modem, in which case he is not on a Dial-up connection. So he should be connecting either direct through his own, or your, Router, either by Ethernet Cable or by Wireless.

In his Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections and make sure that Never dial a connection is checked.

All telephones in the house should each have a ADSL Filter attached.

  Nontek 12:21 30 May 2011

PS - Sorry, I should have asked if his 'new' PC has an internal Modem - cos it sounds as if the answer is No!

  woodchip 12:33 30 May 2011

Also What about a ISP provider, I think he still needs a Dial-Up Provider. I think there are some that are free to connect but pay as you go use

  David4637 13:06 30 May 2011

I have new W7 Tosh laptop, and use Dial Up. I had buy a separate external modem and set up dial up connection path via the control panel. I use Tiscali 50. 50 hours/month for £10. David

  toogie 13:49 30 May 2011

Nontek, having thought about it I think his PC probably has an internal modem as there is a socket on the back of his PC for the phoneline Is this a RJ45 ? How do I confirm that it does have an internal modum ? Also does he need an ADSL filter if he just unplugs the telephone jackplug when plugging in his PC Internet connection ? Woodchip, he has an ISP, pay as you go (Tiscali.co.uk) It is the account details of his provider that I have used in trying to set up his connection.

  bremner 13:55 30 May 2011

He does not need a filter on dial up.

  Nontek 14:24 30 May 2011

To check for modem, right-click on My Computer, then Properties>Hardware>Device Manager, look under Modems.

As br5emner says, filter not needed if only on Dial-up, I was thinking re ADSL Router.

  lotvic 14:38 30 May 2011

Look in Device Manager to see if a 56K modem is listed.

Windows Vista, go to Start, Control Panel and click on the System and Maintenance link. Next, click on the System link and then on the left hand side under the Tasks pane, click on Device Manager

  spuds 14:47 30 May 2011

You do not need filters if you are coming off the 'BT' master socket with an extension lead. I also run a 50 foot extension lead direct to the computer with no drop in power, from a master socket.

When the contract with Tiscali commenced, did they supply a SpeedTouch or Sagem modem with filters?.

The other point that I cannot understand is why people are still using a dial-up service, when it may well be far cheaper for one of the recent package deals. TalkTalk (Tiscali) have been offering deals of £3.99 plus line rental, which would be far better and cheaper per month.

  toogie 15:04 30 May 2011

Spuds I entirely agree and in fact have now convinced my Dad (90 years old) and he is going to go over to Broadband very soon.

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