Dial Up connection keeps wrong password

  davehyde 17:10 25 Jan 2003

I've selected the "Save Password" option on Dial Up connection.

It's saving a password (or something), but the trouble is, it's not the right one.

So I have to erase and then re-enter - which defeats the object.

How do I get it to save the right one?!


  Djohn 17:13 25 Jan 2003

How many digits are your password and how many show on the sign up?

  davehyde 19:01 25 Jan 2003

I thought that maybe it was being "doubled up" but my password is 10 digits and the one that's being saved is 16...


  kuhbler 19:21 25 Jan 2003

If you can connect ok without re-entering your password then there is no problem.

I take it you are using XP? I noticed this when I used it. The password you type in is ok, but when you go to connect it will display **************** regardless of the length of the password.

  VoG™ 19:43 25 Jan 2003

It is a security feature - somebody watching over your shoulder won't know how many characters there are in your p/w.

  davehyde 10:51 26 Jan 2003

So that's the answer!

Once or twice it didn't log on so I assumed the password was knackering things. Now it DOES log on even with the "long" password!

Why don't Microsoft tell us these things? (Maybe they don but I just don't look!)


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