Dial up connection!

  diddi.ash 13:31 16 Mar 2004

I am running on XP and on a dial up connection, My connection cuts off after being online for 2 hours, does anyone know if you can make it longer and how?

  MichelleC 13:42 16 Mar 2004

Some isp's cut off dialup every 2 hours to stop large file d/loads (or they used to, especially Freeserve).

  wozza1 13:43 16 Mar 2004

Perhaps it relates to your ISP's guaranteed time on-line before disconnection. 2 hours used to be the maximum session on-line before drop out. You could then redial after 15 minutes. Things are better now, but it depends on your ISP's location and their hardware setup. Do you use a larger ISP or a small local provider?

  diddi.ash 14:15 16 Mar 2004

I am with freeserve anytime!

  pj123 14:49 16 Mar 2004

The only ISP I know that doesn't cut you off after 2 hours is AOL. I have AOL on my second computer and have never been cut off yet. My main computer is on Broadband (always on) so no problem there. Most ISPs are now offering BB at around the same price as a dialup connection, but there are conditions. For example BT are now offering BB 512 at £19.99 per month. What they don't tell you is you don't get an email address, you would need a web based email address like Hotmail etc. Tiscali are also offering BB at around £19.99 with free modem and free connection but it is not 512, it is 128 (about 3 times faster than dialup). Have a look here to see what is available to you. click here

  mackaycc 15:04 16 Mar 2004

From Freeserve Terms of Use:

5.5 Internet access is subject to our network traffic management controls. We reserve the right to disconnect you from the Internet after 2 hours continuous use and/or 20 minutes of inactivity during connection. As a consequence, our AnyTime dial-up Internet access package may not be suitable for downloading files, which require continuous connection in excess of these times.

  medicine hat 15:08 16 Mar 2004

A download manager should reestablish and continue a download after the reconnection

  TommyRed 17:01 16 Mar 2004

This is the download manager I use, it was recommended off here click here HTH TR

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