Dial Up/Broadband what's the difference?

  Mollo 10:31 06 Aug 2005

My daughter was on a dial up account with AOL and decided to upgrade to their broadband "Silver" package.
The engineer came along and installed the equipment with no comment. Since then "no internet".
I checked with BT's website and checked if it really was available and lo and behold they carried out a check on her phone number and the reply was that it was very unlikely that she would get broadband because of the very long length of the line!!!
How is it she was able to use the dial up service but cant get broadband?

  Giggle n' Bits 10:36 06 Aug 2005

on the line from A - B dependant on the length of the actual cable from the Tel Exchange to the House the size of the filter is not possible to work with such a long length.

  Diemmess 10:46 06 Aug 2005

Two problems:

Dial-up works the same way as the phone using the same hardware, and data transfer is very slow.

Broadband is much more complex but I believe it is a high frequency signal (way above human hearing) which is superimposed on the telephone line. The BB hardware is a filter which allows the BB information through but prevents ordinary telephone signals from interfering. Unfortunately signal losses from BB connections are much greater when your lone from the exchange is a long one.

You say "The engineer came along and installed the equipment with no comment." This is unusual. If you called him then he didn't do his job if he didn't have the connection up and running by the time he left.

If you really cannot use this "connection" then it is high time to chase Aol and revert to to your old dial-up contract before you are locked in to a year's contract for unusable Silver.

  Mollo 10:56 06 Aug 2005

Thanks for the quick responses.
My question answered. We will be recalling the BT engineer for a recheck.

  Stuartli 12:07 06 Aug 2005

Here's an explanation of how broadband works:

click here

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