Dial up Broadband connection

  sattman 20:47 26 Nov 2005

With my broadband on cable it is connected constantly to the system.

A friend is having problems not automatically receiveing emails he is on dial up broadband.

Am I right in thinking normal operation dial up broadband should remain connected to the line all the time.

  phono 20:54 26 Nov 2005

I may well be wrong but I would guess that it is his email software that is not correctly configured to automatically check for mail.

  kinger 21:19 26 Nov 2005

Can you get dial up broadband or am I missing something?

  phono 21:23 26 Nov 2005

With some ADSL ISPs you have to connect by double clicking an Icon which then connects you, it is similar to a dial-up connection in that respect but that's as far as it goes.

I would guess it is a way of freeing up ADSL bandwidth.

  sattman 21:29 26 Nov 2005

Yes he can get broadband ok but if I understand the situation as he explained it he has to make the BB connection each time he boots his computor in the same way that one has to do on a normal phone dial up.
only then does he get his email, which is pretty obvious.

  Stuartli 21:52 26 Nov 2005

A broadband connection is made using the Dialup Network (DUN) feature - you choose ADSL instead of dialup during the configuration.

If your friend Enables Always Dial My Default Connection it should connect automatically when opening the e-mail or browser.

  sattman 09:22 27 Nov 2005


  sattman 09:32 27 Nov 2005

Now confirmed his broadband account is with Virgin

Can anyone using Virgin BB external modem confirm if the connection is meant to be always on by default .

  sattman 15:43 27 Nov 2005


  interzone55 15:57 27 Nov 2005

If you are using a USB ADSL modem it will need to be connected to the internet in the same way as a standard dialup modem. The only difference is in connection speed and the fact that your voice line is kept free.

If I remember back in the days when I used the frog that came with Freeserve ADSL I had to double click on the connect icon on my desktop then I was connected until I shut down.

If your friend has his email software set to auto connect to the internet then as soon as the software is lauched it should fire up his net connection.

  ade.h 17:33 27 Nov 2005

That's normal isn't it? I mean, my PCI modem establishes the ADSL line whenever a user logs into XP, and then that user must click on the Zoom ADSL shortcut to establish the ISP connection. I see the two things as seperate really.

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