dial up and broadband

  twotanners 16:25 04 Apr 2010

Our house has a BT landline and several computers that can be plugged in and make a dial up internet connection
If we add a broadband service such as Plusnet I assume the phone line will still be available to make dial up connections
Is it feasable to have dial up and broadband on the same computer or better to have just one or the other?

  peter99co 19:29 04 Apr 2010

I think you would find fast broadband would suffice.

You need to compare the cost per hour/day/month.

  twotanners 19:49 04 Apr 2010

For various reasons I want to keep my dial up account for the moment so its the feasability of having dial up and broadband that interests me

  Diemmess 11:39 05 Apr 2010

.... on the same computer or better to have just one or the other?

Better to keep it simple, but if you must do it your way, it should work.

Dial-up is relatively ancient technology and works out as both slow and expensive.

When I first used BB I did keep a modem for a while just to use FAX for the very few contacts who didn't at the time have a net connection.
I can't remember any troubles, just the fuss to plug and unplug the telephone lead for dial-up and fax.

  anchor 13:11 05 Apr 2010

twotanners: the answer is yes.

I have broadband for everyday use; I also use the free web-space on two dial up accounts. I dial up for a few minutes monthly to these two services which keeps them active. This also keeps the e-mail addresses available.

I also send the occasional fax which requires a dial up modem.

Remember, you will need a ADSL filter on every phone plug in the house.

  ronalddonald 12:00 07 Apr 2010

could look at O2 and 3 broadband they provide a dongle and all you do is plug it into usb port and load up and then use the internet.

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