gel 09:10 14 Aug 2005

When ever I am not on line the DIAL UP BOX re-appears. However if instead of ticking 'always dial my default' as recommended by Wanadoo ,I tick '.never dial a connection' the problem goes away.
Are there any down sides to this proceedure?
Could some one explain the significance of the alternatives please?
I have Zone Alarm installed as my firewall which should prevent any message going out to a rogue dial up system.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:23 14 Aug 2005

There is something that wants a connection. It could be legitimate, such as an AV program trying to update, or it could be some spyware.

What AV do you have?

Why not check for spyware?

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  keith-236785 09:41 14 Aug 2005

i wouls suspect that you have some software (legit or dodgy) that requires a constant internet connection....most probably a trojan or virus though some progs such as microsoft messenger, MSN messenger are always on progs but will not usually constantly ask for connection.

i would try an online scan from housecall
click here

and report back, also let us know which windows you are using?

check your dial up networking connections in "my computer/dialup connections" (think thats what it was on win98), start/control panel/network connections on winXP. check that there is only your own isp's connection in there if you are on dialup, if you are on broadband you should not have to dial in and should tick the "never dial a connection" box.

certain things like zone alarm/antivirus/windows update etc....can be set to check for updates automatically but wouldnt behave like this.

good luck

  gel 10:14 14 Aug 2005

I use avast virus checker also spybot and adaware
I am using xp windows I am also seriosly considering going for broad band so presumably the problem would disappear.?
Neither would I have the problem if I used Web Mail (wanadoo ) instead of Outlook express.?
Spy bot and adaware have not found anything.
Avast (which I installed 8 days ago previously used AVG both of them the free issues ) found 2 virus's RYDIAL.dll and A0469926.dll Both these viruses are dated 25/5/2003 and have been moved to the virus chest on 6/8/2005.
Thanks for your interest in my problem

  Totally-braindead 10:31 14 Aug 2005

Same suggestion as the others really. Have you installed any software recently? Some software does try to connect to the internet all the time to check for updates etc. If you can remember what software you installed last, check and see if its set to automatically check for updates and if so disable it, failing that try deleting the programs but before you do this ensure you still have the disks for reinstallation.

  Simsy 13:30 14 Aug 2005

even be something that's not a nasty, just trying to check for an update, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. (There is a setting in the options for it to check for updates automatically).

It could be Outlook Express checking for emails.

To determine if it's a problem, you need to establish what programme is trying to connect to the internet.



  gel 20:34 14 Aug 2005

Thank you for all your contributions. I will try them all in turn and I am confident that the solution to my problem will be there.
Again many thanks

  rubella 22:54 14 Aug 2005

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