Dial "9"

  Spr 20:10 02 Sep 2003

I have a Laptop that I use at home to connect to the Internet. I would like to use my Laptop at work to check my e-mail the only problem is that I have to dial ?9? to get out how can I get round this problem? Is there away around this problem

  keith-236785 20:48 02 Sep 2003

there is an option in the connection settings to set up to dial 9 first, you should set up another dial up networking connection with the same phone number and details (logon, password etc) as you use now to connect but look in the settings, there is a tick box for dial number for an outside line (or something similar)check this and enter the number, thats it.

good luck

  krypt1c 21:09 02 Sep 2003

The other option is if you have access to the net at work you should be able to check your mails at your ISP website. Most offer the option. Another option would be to set up a web based email a/c which allows you to check pop3 servers. hotmail does it, but now charges. I think opera still do it for free. click here

  billy 21:56 02 Sep 2003

If you need to pause between 9 picking up and outside line insert a comma between the 9 and outside number.

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