Diablo2 .........blank screen?!?!?

  lindtchocdude1961 20:55 06 Sep 2003

I`ve tried installing Diablo2 for my son which appears to have been successful apart from a minor glitch.......... when we click on play all we get is a blank screen, mmmmmmm ........slightly annoying!

Help much appreciated.

By the way, was there not a games board here before?

Regards, LCD.

  powerless 21:00 06 Sep 2003

What operating system are you using?

What graphics card do you have and have you updated the drivers?

  sdf 21:05 06 Sep 2003

Which version of diablo 2 are you using? if it is the standard one you are probably trying to run it in 3D. If you try it in 2d I almost guarantee it'll work. What I would sugest however is you either find the patch to update it to 1.09 or purchase the Lord of destruction add on from play.com - excellent price. both the patch and the add on will solve this problem as I had the same problem myself

  lindtchocdude1961 21:10 06 Sep 2003

Hallo powerless, that was quick!

Right, we`ve got windows xp home.

NVIDIA GeForce fx5200

updated drivers???? mmmmm, its a new computor so I assumed that made it up to date, so to speak ;0)


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