DHTML menu problem

  phil 20:28 11 Jun 2005

I'm ploughing through my site upgrade from frames to templates quite nicely now but I have a problem with the new menu not loading external pages in their own windows.

I've tried target_blank and target _top etc in various places in the addresses in my menu.js script but all that does is lose the menu.

What do I need to do to keep my site intact when the link takes the user to an external page?

Here's the new site click here.

Try a few of the links on the 'harriers' button and they mostly work ok. Then go to 'news desk' and click on 'harriers @ newsnow' to see what I mean.

  mattyc_92 16:50 13 Jun 2005

I have this problem with this sort of menu... So, instead I get "NavStudio" to do the work for me... All I have to do is decide whether I want the nav bar virtical or horrizonal (sorry about the spelling), the file/page to open and the appearence of the nav bar....

click here for more info and on how to buy/download the demo of NavStudio 2005

  phil 19:22 13 Jun 2005

I trialled Nav Studio before and found that the code linking to their website made the page scroll sideways.

Take the offending code out and a pop up appeared informing the viewer that the software was not registered.

I registered for the free version and was told to display an extra link to the site on a different part of the page.

The page still stretched sideways. The menu also didn't display correctly in FireFox.

When I contacted the software makers about these problems I was told that I would have to buy it for $200 (£110.78p)

I didn't want to risk that kind of money for something that didn't work properly so dropped the Nav Studio in favour of the free Coffee Cup menu builder.

Ok, it hasn't got the bells & whistles of NS2005 but at least it works.

Except for the little problem of opening a new window for external websites, for which I still need some help.

  quack 20:13 15 Jun 2005

I have recently bought Xara Menu Maker from their website and the download version cost me the princely sum of about £11.50. It is fully integrated with either Front Page or Dreamweaver and cross browser compatible. It works for me.

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