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  slowhand_1000 16:44 15 Feb 2005

A neighbour has asked me to put a website together and wants to use drop down menus. The site has a lot of links of each of the main links on the menu. He is willing to pay up to £50 or so for a program.

I've had a look at a few programs and this one click here does not seem to bad for the money.

Before he puts his hand into his wallet can anyone recommend any other programs or a favourite of there own.


  Taran 17:24 15 Feb 2005

That's my favourite DHTML menu generator of all of the ones I've tested.

Having said that, be advised that not every menu degrades properly in alternative browsers.

I'd be interested in seeing other opinion myself. I've yet to find something that is as capable at the price and although I rarely use it, when I do, I take my hat off to its output.

Saves ages of codeslinging...

  dez fowler 22:55 16 Feb 2005

Before you decide on using a JavaScript menu bear in mind that lots of people have JavaScript turned off or use a browser that doesn't support it properly so they won't be able to access large portions of your site.

If you do go down that route i'd recommend putting a plain text menu at the bottom of the page as well.

  kp 02:04 18 Feb 2005

Try Xara Webstyle click here

Very easy to use and good results.


  slowhand_1000 15:58 18 Feb 2005

Thanks for the pointers

The problem about people having JavaScript switched off does worry me a bit. I'll have a word and see what they say.

kp - Thanks for that link it seems ok for the money.

I'll tick this resolved and pass on the comments.


  Matt45 18:44 18 Feb 2005

WAIT!! If you still haven't bought that program then don't! You can use the menu script at this website and best of all its free and very easy to use and has some really nice fade in effects! I've used it before and it's great. click here


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